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A specialist service for drivers. 25+ years experience handling your tax issues.

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Protecting the self-employed status of your drivers. Defend your company from the HMRC.

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We Listen, We Understand & Care About Your Business

A fixed-fee full-service accountancy practice with old-school values.

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Simple, Transparent and Cost-efficient.

Protecting and advising you on issues commercial and domestic.

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We believe that every professional service should be approachable, trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Beginning as a sole trader over 20 years ago, I recognised the need for a specialist accountancy service for the hire and reward trade. And so, Drivertax was born in an office at the end of my garden. Though today our services are more varied and cover other industries, nothing has really changed since then.

The creation of; Eazitax (for limited companies and clients outside the hire and reward industry), Driverserv (for advising operators on status issues) and now Eazilegal (our legal arm) follows the same process I have always used: listen to our client’s needs and then create the service that they want.

The EaziCo. Team

Gary Jacobs

Managing Director

It’s important to me that people still see us as approachable. Our specialised knowledge is still crucial but we must be friendly and accessible too. Specifically day to day, I just do what Jolene tells me.

Andrew Bowtle

Chief Finance Officer

When not acting as volunteer tour guide for RAF Hendon or obsessing about anything that flies and shoots, I sometimes like to move numbers around a page. Lucky really.”

Jolene Hutton

Operations Director

I oversee everything administrative + operations. If you have a question – I probably know the answer!”

Femi Ogunshakin

Legal Services

“I offer my clients the opportunity to bypass some of the traditional pitfalls of the legal profession.”

Neil Levitt

Tax Manager

“I have a knack for resolving issues. As System Coordinator, I am responsible for overseeing the technology.”

Jason Kron

Account Manager

In my role as Account Manager of Drivertax and Driverserv, I aim to offer clients access to experience, knowledge and an exceptional personal service. My job is to make sure the needs of our clients are met, and shouting at my colleagues if they are not.”

Alison Reed

Payroll Administrator

“I am proud of the high service levels that my department achieves, and am always happy to help. I always remember that Payroll can be stressful for those being paid as well as for those crunching the numbers.”

Ruth Ryan

Bookkeeping Administrator

“Admin is my life and bookkeeping is my hobby. It is such a wonderful thing to work for a company that recognises my passions. P.S. I am the sarcastic one.”

Salih Gonlutok


“I like the way with Eazitax that I am encouraged to deal with the clients as people and not just numbers on a spreadsheet. Other than that I am happiest when playing the guitar or reading the latest Manga.”

Jordan Gayford

Payroll Manager

“I am getting the opportunity to really expand my knowledge, and really enjoy my new payroll promotion. I like to play Warhammer and Minecraft when I (occasionally) get spare time.”

Natasha Gibbons


“A passionate customer service professional; I am an enthusiastic team player. I really enjoy working with people, engaging with clients and understanding their needs. I also enjoy working with Jolene to keep the guys in line!”

Oliver Smout


“With A-levels in ICT and Physics, Oliver joined the team as an Apprentice working towards gaining an NVQ in Business Administration. Oliver’s current role includes assisting our colleagues across the group with office administration duties.”


Jikoa Monu

Legal Consultant

Nathan Jacobs

Social Media Consultant

Mukit Hasan Rahman

Senior Accountant

“I have worked both in industry and practice and really like to link with people from all walks of life. I look at profit and loss and balance sheet from a human perspective as I realised the numbers alone mean nothing without the human being. In my spare time, I enjoy watching cricket and listening to all kinds of music.”

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